I booked an appointment for a wrinkle treatment on my forehead. I was also concerned about my aging neck. What bothered me really was my angry vertical lines and the lines on my forehead. Also, my neck made me feel less confident to wear nice tops without scarves. The professional was outstanding. They were so warm and welcoming and appreciated my concerns. They assessed me and went through a lengthy consultation which really assured me. I had several treatments with my neck using a product called Sunekos and wow! what a difference it made. I now just come for top-ups for my neck every few months to keep it smooth. I also had treatment for my wrinkles of my forehead and 11 lines and it with amazing results. This place is my go-to even for my skin treatments and I absolutely love it. The place is lovely and the professional is so warm, welcoming, and personable. Thank you so much for all your wonderful care. Heather