Targeted treatment to tighten, hydrate, and brighten the delicate eye area whilst addressing dark circles and skin laxity


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Environmental factors and natural ageing can play havoc with our delicate skin area around the eyes. This is further aggravated by the digital era where we find ourselves spending more time with our electronic devices. We constantly animate by squinting, blinking, rubbing, and using products that may not be suitable resulting in tired, dull ageing eyes. We know, that the skin around the eye area is the thinnest most delicate part of the face.


  • Do you suffer from dark circles, skin laxity, or dryness under your eyes?


  • Do you find that covering them with makeup makes them look worse?


  • Have you tried endless lotions and potions to tighten and brighten with no joy?


  • Do you wish that there is a treatment that can address the skin concerns around the eye area?


If you answered yes to any of the above and are looking for prevention and preservation or, to reverse and remedy the damage then this treatment may be the solution for you


Welcome to the ultimate eye rejuvenation treatment 


Introducing The Tight’n’Bright Targeted Eye treatment


The Tight’n’Bright Eye treatment will meet your skin goals by reducing the fine lines and wrinkles,  crepy skin, dull dehydrated skin by revitalizing hard-to-treat areas around


The Tight’n’Bright targeted Eye Treatment involves an Energy-based collagen stimulation to tighten the skin. Followed by an illuminating peel to brighten the skin. Finally, microinjections using a nanoneedle comprised of three crystal silicone needles, are designed to gently deliver the most powerful cocktail with a combination of hyaluronic acid, amino acids minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants to stimulate collagen and reduce fine lines and dark circles around the eye area.

The treatment is then finished off with a hydrating mask and rejuvenating LED light therapy followed by result-driven skincare.


  • How many of The Tight’n’Bright Targeted Eye Treatment is required?

Initial three treatments, two to three weeks apart then a maintenance program based on individual needs.


  • Is The Tight’n’Bright Targeted Eye Treatment painful? 

There may be a level of discomfort with minimal pain. However, individual responses vary.


  • Is there downtime to The Tight’n’Bright Targeted Eye Treatment?

Like most under-eye injectable treatments, there can be bruising and swelling. However, individual responses vary


  • What is the aftercare advice for The Tight’n’Bright Targeted Eye Treatment?

Detailed aftercare instructions will be discussed as part of your in-depth consultation.


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Treatment Cost 
Tight’n’Bright Targeted Eye   


Tight’n’Bright Targeted Eye course of three treatments