Skin peeling is common after a chemical peel





Chemical skin peeling aftercare instructions are designed for your safety. It is therefore vital that you follow the chemical skin peeling aftercare instructions to optimize your treatment outcome and minimize undesirable effects.


Please follow the chemical skin peeling aftercare instructions listed


  1. Do not pick at or exfoliate the skin. If flaking or peeling occurs, do not rub or pull the flaking skin. Any excessive peeling can be cut but NEVER pulled as this induces trauma to the skin, interrupts the healing process, and may lead to hyperpigmentation.


  1. Use the prescribed products to support skin healing and regeneration. These should include:
  • An antioxidant to reduce inflammation and oxidative stress
  • A hydrating serum to restore water levels in the skin
  • An emollient/healing cream to reinforce the natural barrier Function of the Epidermis
  • A sunscreen of SPF 30 or 50 to protect from photosensitization and free radical damage.


  1. Do not expose your skin to intense direct sunlight. Sunscreen should be applied all year round even on a cloudy day.


  1. Avoid exposing the area to any extremes of heat (tepid water only) for at least two to three days.


  1. Avoid harsh, perfumed, astringent, Alpha Hydroxy-Acids (AHA)s or alcohol-containing products in the area for at least two to three days.


  1. Do not go swimming in a chlorinated pool for one week.


  1. Avoid sunbed use when having chemical peel treatments (Sunbeds are a health risk and should be avoided regardless).


  1. Do not have any other clinical treatment such as laser or IPL, waxing, microdermabrasion, medical needling, facial steaming, or electrolysis for four weeks without full consultation with your clinical skin specialist at DermRefine Skin Clinic.


  1. Avoid cosmetic applications on the area for a minimum of six hours unless of the mineral makeup type specifically formulated for post-procedural application (Please note that this may not apply for red-carpet-ready resurfacing treatments where makeup can be applied within a couple of hours post-treatment prior to your event. Please seek further information and advice from your Clinical Skin specialist at DermRefine Skin Clinic.


  1. To give your skin the best chance of full and rapid healing, do not put your body’s resources under undue strain for the next few days eg excessive gym work as this will overload the wound healing responses of the body and therefore of your skin



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