Injectable Treatments in Mayfair

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Medical Wrinkle Relax Treatments From
Wrinkle Relax- One area

Wrinkle Relax-Two areas

Wrinkle Relax- Three Areas

Wrinkle Relax Nasal/Chin


Neck smooth/Nefertiti Lift           

Jawline Slimming/Face Enhancement 

Hyperhidrosis/Excessive Sweating





£50 with any upper face treatment                                            




Dermal Fillers/Lip fillers London cost Per Syringe From
Lip Shape And Volume 1ml

Nose-to-mouth softening 2ml

 Cheek Enhancement 2ml


Coming soon…


Chin Augmentation        

Jawline Sculpt      


Temple Hollow

















Injectable Skin Moisturization Treatment


A course of 3 sessions recommended  


Hydrate and Tighten With Radiofrequency



Cost Per Session





The Ultimate Skin Rejuvenation package (COURSE OF FOUR)

 For Face And Eyes


All treatments include a radiofrequency skin tightening, chemical peel, rejuvenating mask and LED light therapy 











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GlowRefine Signature Facial

GlowRefine Signature Facial +

Dermaplaning /Radiofrequency





Skin Needling- With Chemical Peel


Skin Needling- With Skin Tightening and Chemical Peel



Mesotherapy for Hair

A course of 6 to 8 treatments is required for optimum results










Glow Mama Pregnancy Safe Advanced Exfoliation Facial


Advanced Exfoliation – Retinol Peel £160
Advanced Exfoliation: Bespoke Derma Restore Skin Peels for Antiageing, Hydration, Melasma Pigmentation, Rosacea and Acne With Hydra Mask and LED Light Therapy


Express Exfoliating Facial for Antiageing, Hydration, and glow







Advanced Exfoliation with skin boosters/Injectable Moisturisers  and LED Light Therapy   

£ 350


Advanced Exfoliation  with micro-needling and LED Light Therapy £270
Advanced Exfoliation – Men’s Facial


Carboxytherapy Facial  



Mechanical Exfoliation: Dermaplaning Multi-Facial  £156
Oxygen Radiant Facial

With LED Light Therapy

Oxygen Skin Tightening Facial

With LED Light Therapy